Covid-19 Vaccine


Covid-19 Vaccine Portal is now open for those aged 12 and upwards

Please register immediately with the HSE Portal below

The WiIndmill Medical Centre has Completed its Covid Vaccine Vaccination Program 

The Windmill Medical Centre took part and has completed the vaccinations of all our patients aged 70 and over. We also complete the vaccine roll out for our Patients in the At Risk category 4 and 7 as per HSE Guidelines on the weekend of 3rd July 2021.

This has been a huge Team Effort, and as a practice we are extremely grateful to our staff who have put in a staggering amount of extra hours and given regular weekend commitments to running these essential clinics for our patients who have been classed most at risk to this virus. We would also like to thank our patients for their support in what has been an incredibly difficult time with the new restrictions put in place to protect both patients & staff, and bearing with us through the HSE Cyber Attack which to date is still causing some delays to how we normally operate.

As always The Windmill Medical Centre is bound by the National Guidelines with respect to vaccine administration, we understand that there are still a large amount of people in Ireland requiring vaccinations and we wish to reassure you that the Mass Vaccination Centres who will be continuing to vaccinate going forward are making great progress through the age groups – Please keep an eye on the HSE Website for the most up to date Age category announcements. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer any alternative in relation to vaccine type but we encourage all our remaining patients to sign up and get vaccinated as soon as your age group is open.

As you can appreciate, we are very keen to resume our day-to-day care of our patients without the additional pressures of clinics and vaccine query calls and we continue to ask our patients to refrain from calling us in relation to vaccine queries to allow us to deal with the most urgent medical issues of our patients. We will keep our vaccine contact email address active for a few more days for those patients who feel they are new to the Category 4 & 7 cohorts but we ask that you allow some time for our doctors to respond as assisting those who are sick must be our priority.

The following link will bring you directly to the HSE Information pages in relation to the Covid-19 vaccine - for specific information related to our clinics - please see the links below this.

PDF icon On the day of your Covid-19 Vaccine (On_the_Day_Cat4_7.pdf | 782 kB)

 Please read this document before attending for your vaccine.

PDF icon Covid-19 Vaccine - Common Questions (Covid_Vaccine_Quick_Q_s.pdf | 182 kB)

 The following is a list of most asked questions in relation to the Covid-19 Vaccination campaign. 

PDF icon Covid-19 Pfizer Vaccine Information Sheet (covid-19-vaccine-information-leaflet-after-18-jan.pdf | 409 kB)

 Our Surgery has been assigned the Pfizer Vaccine - please see below the information related to this vaccine.

PDF icon Covid-19 AstraZeneca Vaccine Information Sheet (important-information-about-covid19-vaccine-astrazeneca_2.pdf | 390 kB)