Book an Appointment

Please phone 01 8495500 at:

08.30 am - to enquire about morning appointments
At 2pm - to enquire about afternoon appointments

It is not possible to book appointments in advance due to GP shortages and demands on our services at this time. Please be patient with our staff as appointments fill quickly.
Please note patients will be asked their symptoms to prioritise their call at times of high demand. 

When the clinic is fully booked our staff are not in a position to overbook - They will log emergency calls with full details and bring your case forward to a GP at the end of a clinic who will advise them on your next step.

Demanding / Intimidating Behaviour toward our staff will be logged and dealt with by our Policy on Unacceptable Beahviour. 

If you cannot get through to the surgery and it is an emergency please call 999 or 112 for an urgent ambulance.

. If you are waiting on a call regarding an appointment/result - please keep your mobile phone with you at all times and please be aware that you may get a call from a blocked number.

Appointments can be made by phoning: 01 849 5500

Windmill Medical Centre is an appointment based practice, we request that you only attend the practice when you have a booking. 

  • Our appointment times are issued as approximate times, this is done to best manage the volume of patients over the duration of a daily session. We do our very best to keep to these times, however, due to the nature of a General Practice and the variation in time each consultation may take it is not always possible to do so. We appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter.
  • Each consultation is estimated to take 15 minutes. If you require a procedure to be done other than a smear or bloods, or have an issue that will require longer – please advise the receptionist when booking so that additional slots can be held.
  • Seeing Additional Members of your family. – The doctor will be able to assess other members of your family if the appropriate number of bookings have been made in advance. It is not possible for the doctor to see extra patients on a single booking. If there are other issues you require advice on that do not relate to the person who made the booking, you may be asked to make a new appointment for that person at a later time or date.
  • Appointments are available between 09:15am and 16:30 Monday to Friday excluding lunch hours. If all the doctors are full on the day you require an appointment the call will be triaged on the phone first and then if the patient requires treatment on that day they will be advised to come to the medical centre so that they can be seen as soon as can be arranged. We can not guarantee how long the patient will have to wait and we appreciate your patience on this matter, as we can not delay existing patients with existing appointments.
  • Once our Clinic is fully booked you will be advised that we would need additional information to triage your on the day requests - Emergency patients will be seen where possible on the day - by the available doctor – it is not possible at this stage to request a particular doctor. All non emergency requests will be given a future date and time to attend
  •  If an emergency arises this patient will be seen immediately we greatly appreciate your patience in these instances.
  • When Booking for a Blood Tests these appointments are made with the Nurse for a Tue-Fri morning only.
  • When booking for a Smear – these appointments are made with the nurse Mon-Thur afternoons.

Get the most from my consultation.
A standard consultation lasts 15 minutes. It is useful to bring your medications with you, and you may find it useful to make some notes on your symptoms, before you see the doctor. If you have a long problem list it may be helpful for you to prioritise, and deal with the most urgent problem first, and return to the doctor at a later date, to discuss your other problems.

We may offer you a patient information leaflet or direct you to an appropriate web site to help you further understand your treatment plan. We encourage you to ask questions about your health no matter how embarrassing or insignificant the problem may appear.

Do I always have to see the same Doctor?
It is totally your choice - we have 4 staff GP's on site who specialise in different areas in addition to their GP training - so you may want to choose different doctors for different reasons, and all Doctors will have access to your medical notes should you attend them.
Will I get to see the Same Doctor each time I attend?
We always aim to give you the first available appointment with the doctor of your choice.  To facilitate this - it is worth getting to know your doctors schedule and work it around your own schedule to ensure a time that works for you both.

In emergency cases, short notice requests,  it is  not always possible to guarantee that the doctor of your choice will be on duty or have available slots left when you call.

For the above Emergency Cases - to ensure continuity of care when you cant see your regular doctor Medical Notes are kept in a secure Health IT System that is only accessible to our doctors on the practice on the day.

I can't get through on your phone - Why Not?
We have 4 phone lines coming into the Practice at any one time. We strive to answer all as quickly as possible, however as you can appreciate patients calling with requests can take varying lengths of time, as every call differs in nature. If your call is not of an urgent nature - please try phoning outside of the peak times of 08:30-10:30 and 2:00-4:00.