What is D-Doc?

D-Doc is the out of hours GP service for North Dublin City & County for when you need a doctor outside of normal surgery hours. It is staffed by North County Doctors including the doctors at this practice.

D-Doc is an appointment only service and is open each weekday evening from 6pm-8am the following day, and 24 hours on a Saturday, Sunday & on Bank Holidays.

How does D-Doc Work?

If you need a doctor out of hours, call 0818 22 44 76. Trained staff will answer your call. Depending on your condition, D-Doc can arrange for you to be seen by a GP at one of our Treatment Centres, or can arrange for you to get advice from our clinical staff on the phone.

Is there a charge to visit D-Doc?

If you have a valid Medical Card or GP Visit Card, the service is FREE, If not the doctor will charge a fee for the visit. Medical Advice given over the phone is provided free of charge. 

You should only call D-D0c when your illness cannot wait until you can see your own doctor during normal working hours.

Will My Doctor Know I have attended and be able to follow up on my visit?

Details of your visit to D-Doc will be given to your GP by Fax when their surgery opens, so they can follow up on any treatment.

Where is my Local D-Doc Centre?

Swords health Centre, Bridge Street Swords, Co. Dublin

Is the VHI Swift Care Clinic the same as D-Doc

No VHI Swift Clinics are a privately run business, and private charges apply.